YEEZY physical store is in preparation! Netizens agree that Ye is leaving Adidas?

In the previous Yeezus content, we mentioned to you that Yeezus involves a wide range of trademark applications, covering retail stores, beauty products, toys, amusement parks, etc.

This retail store is more interesting. You must know that Yeezy’s business now ranges from sneakers to Yeezy Season’s clothing, sports items such as Donda sportswear, and the above-mentioned plush toys. These may appear in the store.

According to the latest report from TMZ, Ye and his legal team have filed a trademark application for YZYSPLY. YZYSPLY will provide services such as retail stores, online ordering and online retail stores, which also means that Yeezysupply’s official website will change from online to online. Under the physical store.

As soon as this report came out, fans on the Internet also launched a heated discussion. Most of the netizens agreed that Ye would jump out of the contract with Adidas in the near future and make Yeezy a brand entirely his own.

Since Ye announced his candidacy for president in 2020, the contradictions between Ye and Adidas have been accumulating. One of the important reasons why Adidas signed Ye is because of Ye’s fan base and talent, but the political aspect is against the original intention of cooperation. After that, Ye, who we are familiar with, publicly supported Nike and Jordan Brand on social media. Some time ago, Ye directly accused Adidas of plagiarizing his Yeezy Slides design, calling Adidas’ official product Fake Yeezy.

In this way, Donda’s move to invite Steven Smith to be the director of Industrial also seemed confusing. Is it Ye’s move to show favor to Adidas, or is it poking around to prepare in advance? What do you think will happen to Yeezy’s brand development if Ye leaves Adidas?