Without Kanye, without Yeezy, there would be no Adi today.

When a person reaches the top in a field, he can stand on the top of the mountain overlooking the earth and enjoy the beauty that others can’t see, but obviously Kanye West is not like this. It’s hard for me to imagine such a person who has made great achievements in one field once again challenged a new field, starting from nothing, and Kanye West has made his own way.

When I first entered the “shoe circle”, I saw a pair of red shoes. I had never seen such shoes at that time: the bright red upper was matched with the Velcro on the forefoot, and the size of the Swoosh was just right. High gang, soulful dreams. That’s right, the Dream Shoes that basically count as all toecaps: the Nike Air Yeezy 2.

When a person’s talent is high enough, he can choose his own shelter. And Kanye West’s choice to turn his head and join adidas has inspired the entire sneaker circle. Of course, the result did not live up to everyone’s expectations. Kanye West, with his unique aesthetics and keen sense of fashion, continued to be the “strongest belt” King of Goods”.

Whether it was the pair of UB1.0 black and purple he wore or the adidas Yeezy series launched later, they became the hottest shoes of the year. In my opinion, if BOOST saved adidas’ “technology”, then Kanye West saved adidas’ “fashion”.

Yeezy Boost 700 V2 is an upgrade of Yeezy Boost 700, which is lighter and more technological. These two pairs of shoes changed the impression of Yeezy’s “popular fashion” a little, giving the Yeezy series a “niche” feeling.

It can be said that it was Kanye who made yeezy, and even Adidas. Of course, it was Adidas that made Kanye what he is today.