Wear Nike and scold Adi! What did Kanye do this year? Netizen: Re-engraved those shoes!

As one of the biggest figures in the sneaker circle, trend circle, and music circle, Ye aka. Kanye West’s every move is news.

Halfway through 2022, Kanye’s many “feats” in the first half of this year have shocked players around the world.

Formal divorce, self-run school, face-to-face boss, blowing Nike, bombarding Adi…

Although everything seems understandable to others, it’s really not a trivial thing for Ye!

Today, the editor will share with you the big events that Kanye has done in 2022 that can be written into his history.


Kanye School

on the cover of a magazine

As we all know, in addition to being very influential in music, fashion, and sneakers, Grandpa has also been committed to charity due to the influence of his mother, Donda.

In 2015, he said in the song “Blessings” that he was considering opening his own school. After 7 years, Kanye fulfilled his promise. The school DONDA Academy founded by Kanye is now open for admission applications (the first batch of admission applications ends on June 10).

Announced last year, Kanye and DONDA Academy basketball team DONDA Doves landed on the cover of “SLAM” magazine at the beginning of this year.

Now more details about the “DONDA Academy” are also exposed, including the curriculum arrangement, teacher-student ratio, basketball team and choir, room and board, and fees can be found on the “DONDA Academy” dedicated website for details.

At present, DONDA Academy has opened applications for the 2024-2025 school year. It can be seen from the exposed pictures that all students can wear Yeezy series shoes.

In this regard, are you willing to let your children go to the school run by Kanye?


super colorful eggs

DONDA 2 Audition Session

In February this year, Kanye held a Miami offline audition for his new album “DONDA 2”.

Obviously tasted the sweetness of the “DONDA” audition meeting, in the middle of a stadium of 40,000 people, 48 minutes without a word, without singing or dancing, and madly grabbed $7 million.


“DONDA” Audition Session

Not only did they sell a wave of peripherals on the spot, including the YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA that had not appeared before, as well as the “pure black” Yeezy Form Runner hole shoes and the “pure black side see through” Yeezy 350 V2.

For fans who haven’t been able to get it now, the Stem Player player, priced at $200, sold a full $2.2 million in first-day sales.

“DONDA 2” has a super luxurious lineup, including The Game, Pusha T, Alicia Keys, Migos, Baby Keem, Fivio Foreign, Travis Scott, Future, Jack Harlow and others.

I believe that the friends who watched the live video can feel the popularity of the audition meeting. At present, “DONDA 2” has not yet landed on streaming media platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

According to the daily production of 3,000 Stem Player players, the brothers said, is this wave of Kanye making money again?


Kanye x McDonald’s

Appeared in the “Super Bowl” commercial

In February, it can be said that it was popular all over the Internet. During the “Super Bowl” game of the American Spring Festival Gala, Kanye brought a new advertisement for McDonald’s.

Ye, who drives an armored car, wears black sunglasses and a pure black YZY x GAP down jacket on his upper body, also has difficulty choosing when facing McDonald’s: Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Kanye previously wrote on social media: McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant.

Later, Kanye posted a new plan on personal social media-cooperating with MUJI designer Naoto Fukasawa to redesign the food packaging of McDonald’s!

At the same time, this social dynamic has also stayed on Ye’s social homepage for a long time.


Balenciaga x GAP x Yeezy

Country mini program debut

Also at the end of February, YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA, which was first exposed at the “DONDA 2” audition, officially debuted in China.

This is also the second wave of joint series after the YEEZY x GAP joint series debuted in China.

Completely dark style, even the original price of the sweater did not stop the enthusiasm of players, and after the debut, it was fired to a high price, many of which are the same as Kanye’s upper body.

Last month, the second wave of new joint products of YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA also officially debuted.

For friends who want to start, in addition to grasping the size, it can only be said that this wave of joint appearance is still quite online.


Divorce Kardashian

New girlfriend crazy show of affection

In March, a San Francisco court announced that it had agreed to divorce Kim Kardashian and Kanye, which marked the end of their seven-year marriage.

The relationship between the two has been very stiff since last year. They were photographed by overseas media in the car. Kardashian covered her face and wept, and then it was revealed that Kanye was dating a female model and so on.

Kardashian submitted divorce papers to the court as early as February last year, but whether it was last year’s “DONDA” audition, Kardashian appeared in a wedding dress, or the “dark hood” that was very similar to Kanye’s style later. take.

It all makes people feel that the two are showing off, this marriage is divorced, but it is not completely…

It was not until the high-profile show of love between Kanye and his new girlfriend Julia Fox, and the large-scale intimate photos were frantically swiped, that people felt that the two were completely divorced.

Although the relationship between Kanye and Julia Fox only lasted for less than two months, during that time, netizens who ate melons were also fed by Kanye’s rations.

For Julia Fox, she bought hotel suites, clothes and accessories, which made Julia Fox’s popularity soar. Even after the breakup, her career was smooth sailing.

At that time, the names of the two people had been swiping wildly on overseas entertainment media and gossip websites for nearly two months, which can be said to have earned enough attention.

And Kardashian did not stop there, and frequently participated in activities with her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. Pete and Kanye were also fighting online, causing quite a stir.


Meet DJ Khaled, Hiroshi Fujiwara

Boss is doing something again

Last month, Kanye’s schedule continued to be full, and he took his new girlfriend Chaney Jones to Japan and took a sweet photo at the flyover.

At the same time, he posted a photo of himself and “Master Stamping” Hiroshi Fujiwara afterwards. The two took a photo together and netizens frantically swiped the screen, exclaiming: Do the two people who are most able to “money” in the trend circle want to conspire together? !

On the one hand, Kanye sits firmly on the adidas first brother, and Fujiwara Hiroshi is also Nike’s “God of Wealth” for so many years. These two… can only say that the brothers are looking forward to a wave!

Wouldn’t there really be a Yeezy x fragment design?

Before going to Japan, Kanye and Drake were called home by DJ Khaled, the “King of Networking in North America”, and the big guys got together again…

At this moment when the joint name is flying all over the sky, I am afraid that the big guys will get together, it is simply a rhythm that the wallet is not guaranteed.

Fortunately, the three musicians got together for the purpose of discussing music creation. DJ Khaled showed the other two his DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 5 joint name by the way.

Kanye once again showed his iconic smile to the original Air Jordan that he “must have feet on”.


Enter the Metaverse

slap yourself in the face

It was reported this month that Kanye had filed multiple federal trademark registrations related to “YEEZUS” through his Mascotte Holdings, Inc. company.

It seems to indicate that there are plans to create a new “YEEZUS” branded metaverse virtual park, as well as related digital collections.

This wave of news was released, and netizens complained one after another: Aren’t you slapping yourself in the face?

In February of this year, Kanye once “bombed” a wave of digital collections in the Metaverse, and said that he would focus on creating physical products.

Documents cover the metaverse, digital collections, brick-and-mortar and online retail stores, trendy games, games, apparel, homewares, and more.

Whether Kanye will “slap himself in the face” in the follow-up, let’s just wait and see.


Sign an NBA star

Expand the business landscape

On the eve of the finals, as to whether the Celtics will win the championship or the Warriors will win the championship, as the dust settles in the finals, Durant has become the biggest slot in the near future…

Although the Celtics lost, the performance of Tatum and Jaylen Brown is still remarkable, especially Jaylen Brown was photographed by Kanye and officially signed with Kanye’s DONDA SPORTS sports agency , became its first NBA player.

In particular, Jaylen Brown is still a signed player of adidas. With such a closed-loop relationship, many netizens have begun to speculate whether they will see Yeezy’s signature basketball shoes in the future!

We know that Yeezy has launched basketball shoes before, and also launched a casual version and an actual combat version. Iguodala has also been on the field before.

Whether you can see Yeezy’s signature basketball shoes in the future, you may wish to look forward to it, but friends who are familiar with NBA sports brokerage companies should understand the operation of this industry, mainly around the commercial value of the players themselves to achieve revenue.

Rather than creating a Yeezy signature basketball shoe, it would be more straightforward to negotiate a signed shoe contract with adidas.


Shelling Adidas CEO for plagiarism

I haven’t brought anything for Yeezy in half a year

Regarding the latest thing about Kanye, it has to be bombarding the CEO of Adi. This wave of king bombing directly made netizens not calm…

Let’s review this again. The reason is that adidas launched a brand new slippers ADILETTE 22. When I saw these slippers for the first time, the editor thought it was very good, so I immediately went offline and started a pair.

Whether it is rich color matching or its own good appearance, lower difficulty to start, I thought that ADILETTE 22 was too fragrant to replace Yeezy slippers.

Unexpectedly, after Kanye saw the ADILETTE 22 slippers, he directly exploded: the social media that had been silent for a long time directly named adidas CEO Kasper, hoping that he could come forward to chat.

Kanye said that the ADILETTE 22 slippers copied Yeezy’s design, thinking that this behavior is disrespectful to creative talents, and he cannot tolerate such blatant plagiarism.

Then after a few hours of this post, Kanye emptied his personal social media again. He wouldn’t pretend that nothing happened…

I believe that the small partners who follow the editor’s report are not unfamiliar. In the past year, Kanye has used Nike shoes many times: “Zi Jiage” Air Jordan 1, “Mosquito Coil” CDG x Nike joint name, etc., all of which have caused confusion. Small talk.

Even at the beginning of the year, a piece of Jordan Brand’s Jumpman Logo was posted… To tell the truth, which executive of adidas did not see high blood pressure?

Even if Kanye himself said: It is quite absurd to ask an African-American sneaker fan to ban Air Jordan!

But as a brand spokesperson, this incompetent behavior is really unacceptable.

In this regard, Kanye also has his own statement, saying: I wear Nike products, because I am not a slave of adidas, adidas is just my partner, adidas can sign Pharrell Williams and Pusha T, why can’t I wear Nike? This is so unfair.

Take an inventory, in the past few years, Kanye has been wearing Yeezy new shoes every three days, and the frequency of bringing goods is quite high.

But in the past six months, Kanye has been wearing Balenciaga shoes for most of the time, and the only Yeezy shoe comes from the Yeezy 700 V4, a concept shoe that is far away.

In conclusion, we can see very little of Kanye’s contribution to Yeezy in the past six months.

Don’t bring goods, wear Nike, scold Adi, to be honest, the editor is really sweating for Kanye and Adi…

Many netizens also ridiculed: No matter what the ending is, can you re-enact the 750 first!

The above are some major events of Kanye in the first half of 2022.

In addition, there are many, many small actions by Kanye, such as sending a letter asking Billie to apologize to Travis Scott, selling private luxury tanks, being banned from performing at the Grammy Awards…

Save enough, the editor will continue to show you gossip!

What do you guys think of Kanye’s various actions?