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After the news of the end of nearly 7 years of marriage with ex-wife “Kim Kardashian” Kim Kardashian came to light, Kanye West has disappeared for a while. It was not until the CEO of the American clothing brand Gap was interviewed by the media that he first learned about him: Kanye West is currently focusing on his YEEZY Gap plan, and the product line is expected to be released in the first half of 2021. Combined with the frequent exposure of new color matching of adidas YEEZY brand shoes this year, it is very likely that Kanye West will be the first to return to the spotlight through clothing design in the future.

In June 2020, Gap released a piece of news that shocked the clothing industry: the brand will sign a ten-year cooperation agreement with Kanye West, and release a new clothing line called “YEEZY Gap”. Includes men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. This big news also boosted Gap’s sluggish stock price by 42% at the time, boosting morale, and the visual style of the Gap store in Kanye West’s hometown of Chicago was once redesigned by him.

Although the prospects were promising, the subsequent development of events was not satisfactory. On the one hand, although YEEZY has brought back a lot of topicality and popularity to Gap, the development of Gap, which is generally considered to be less competitive than before, is still sluggish. On the other hand, with the BLM movement and racial rights issues being emphasized again last year, Kanye West also stated on Twitter in September that he would fight for the board seats of Gap and Adidas, and claimed that if he was not appointed, he would consider giving up the partnership .

For Gap, the news of the latter was even worse, not to mention a series of events such as Kanye West’s announcement of his candidacy for President of the United States, which cast a fog on the future of this plan. Fortunately, in the near future, we can finally see what unexpected sparks YEEZY and Gap can collide with.

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The brand adidas YEEZY has gone through a period of turbulence, and finally returned to the previous stage of the shoe industry with a new style this year. In 2020, the “YEEZY 450”, which has already had many spy photos and upper foot images, was finally officially released in March this year. The eye-catching outline like a volcanic ridgeline is the biggest feature of this pair of shoes. It continues the strong avant-garde style of the YEEZY series in recent years and has once again become the focus of everyone.

In addition, just as Kanye West declared in the past that everyone will have the vision of wearing YEEZY, the civilian styles of the brand have also made great achievements, and they have also appeared and returned this year.

At present, the new styles first exposed by the intelligence account, including the new color matching “Dark Slate” of YEEZY 450, have attracted a lot of attention. And the popular reflective series of the classic shoe YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 is also rumored to be making a strong comeback later this year. For the die-hard fans who have supported the YEEZY brand for many years, this year must be full of surprises.